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Father Convicted Of Throwing Infant Son Off Bridge (Photo)

A 23-year-old Oregon man was convicted of murder on Feb. 22 for throwing his infant son off a 90-foot-high bridge.

Only July 15, 2015, Tony Moreno dropped his 7-month-old baby, Aaden, off the Arrigoni Bridge, notes the Daily Mail. Tony also threw himself off the bridge in a failed suicide attempt, prosecutors say.

The boy's mother, Adrianne Oyola, 20, testified that Tony was upset because she refused his marriage proposal the month prior to the incident. According to Oyola's testimony, she and Tony sent texts to each other while he was on the bridge.

Shortly before midnight, she sent this text to him: "Where are you! Where's Aaden?"

Tony replied: "He's dead. Soon I will be too."

"Please don't hurt Aaden!!!" she pleaded in response.

In court, Tony said the motive was to hurt the boy's mother. He also mentioned that he has suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts for years.

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Tony's mother, Denise Moreno, said she spoke to him on the phone while he was on the bridge, and could hear the baby crying in the background. "Just tell everyone I'm sorry," he reportedly told her.

The baby was thrown off the bridge shortly after the conclusion of the phone call with his mother, police believe.

She called 911 and then drove herself the two miles from her house to the bridge, where her son was standing alone. "I saw the look on his face," she said. "He was distraught. He was upset. His eyes were puffy. I told him to put one foot in front of the other and keep coming. He said he couldn't."

Police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter. Middletown police Officer Austin Smith attempted to communicate with Tony, without success. "Moments later, he put both of his hands on the railing to his right and hurled himself over," explained Smith.

Officer Steven DiMassa and his partner found Tony treading water in the river below, injured by alive. He spent several following days in the hospital, where he was in critical condition, reported the Hartford Courant. Aaden's body was found by a kayaker 14 miles downstream two days later.

Tony will be sentenced on May 18 and faces up to 70 years in prison.

Sources: Daily Mail, Hartford Courant / Photo credit: Public Archaeology Survey Team, Middletown Police Department via Hartford Courant

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