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Time-Lapse Video: Space Shuttle Endeavour Transported Through Los Angeles

Back on October 11, 2012, the space shuttle Endeavour arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport and was transported twelve miles to the California Science Center in Exposition Park.

The Los Angeles Times photo team covered the transport and created a time-lapse video (below) of the 85-ton space shuttle's journey through the streets in Los Angeles and Inglewood to the California Science Center.

Los Angeles Times photographer Bryan Chan explained how they shot the shuttle using time-lapse photography, which is a series of still photographs converted to video:

Our photo coverage, led by photo editor Robert St. John, took weeks of planning with staffers scouting the route for prime shooting spots. We secured permission from property owners to photograph from balconies, front yards, etc. We rented a hotel room to ensure a view of the shuttle next to iconic Randy’s Donuts before crossing the 405 Freeway. The people at the Best Western Airpark hotel, Museum of Natural History and Animo Inglewood Charter High school were very helpful in allowing us to use their rooftops.

Shooting time-lapse can require a load of equipment. I had five cameras and lenses from 15mm to 500mm on hand.

At each spot I had two to three cameras working at a time with different lenses and angles. All were set on tripods or clamped to stationary objects. Depending on how fast the action was, the cameras were set to shoot at intervals of once every second up to once every 2 minutes.

When it was all over, the images were fine-tuned with Adobe Lightroom and produced into a video with Final Cut Pro. Some 4,500 photos make up the final video. About four times as many were shot. The music,”Keeper of the Wind,” was by Eleni Hassabis via stock library FirstCom Music.


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