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Teenager Shot To Death While Playing Pokemon Go (Photos)

A Guatemalan teenager has been killed while playing Pokemon Go.

Jerson Lopez de Leon, 18, was looking for Pokemon with his cousin, Daniel Moises Picen, 17, along a railroad line in Chiquimula when they were shot at, The Independent reported.

Police are looking for the occupants of an agricultural van that was seen racing from the scene of the crime. Authorities found 20 bullet casings at the scene.

Leon was taken to a nearby hospital where he died from his injuries, according to local reports. Daniel suffered gunshot wounds to his feet.

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“I don't know why my son left the house,” Leon’s mother, Rosalinda, told The Independent. “He was already in bed when his cousin sent him a message asking him to go out and download a game a few blocks from the house.”

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The motive behind the murder is still unknown. Police speculate that the suspects found the teenagers by using the Pokemon Go app itself, which has location features that allow players to find each other.

Investigators also speculate that the attack may have been part of a cell phone robbery, the Daily Mail reported.

Sources: The Independent, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Attack of the Fanboy, Daily Mail

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