Tim Tebow Traded to Jets: New York Media React

The sports media in New York City are notoriously a tough bunch, so it is no surprise that they have strong reactions to the rather sudden trade Wednesday of Tim Tebow to the Jets.

The New York Daily News is already calling it "Timsanity," playing off of Jeremy Lin's recent "Linsanity" with the Knicks. The News points out:

Tebow’s character could play an important role in bringing together a fractured locker room...

However, Tebow’s presence — and the hype that comes with it — may provide an unneeded distraction for a team that gave Mark Sanchez a three-year extension after missing out on (Peyton) Manning.

The headline at ESPNNewYork.com reads "A Logic-Defying Move." Rich Cimini lists 10 reasons to back that up, including:

1. The circus is coming to town, and the Jets just love a circus, don't they? Is this their "Little Brother" response to the Giants winning the Super Bowl? 

2. The attention-seeking Jets couldn't get Peyton Manning, so they take the next-best quarterback in terms of generating buzz.

3. The risk far exceeds the potential upside. At best, the Jets get a change-of-pace quarterback who can run the Wildcat a few times per game, gain 20 or 30 yards and cause a small headache for the defense. At worst, they get a divisive quarterback controversy that undermines incumbent Mark Sanchez.

5. As soon as Sanchez has a bad game, the Tebow-maniacs -- and the converts -- will be screaming for a quarterback change. It won't be an every-so-often thing. It will become the soundtrack of the Jets' season.

Over at the New York Post, columnist Steve Serby came out against the trade before it went down, saying Tebow is "just not an NFL quarterback."

Because of his very public religious beliefs, because he infused his teammates with universal belief and carried the Broncos to the playoffs last season against all odds and captivated America, once he is traded, he will carry with him a legion of worshippers and naysayers wherever he lands.

The last thing Ryan needs, the last thing Sanchez needs, the last thing that fragile locker room needs, is another New York media-frenzied distraction...

The Jets should consider trading for Tim Tebow only if they are looking for a new starter at team chaplain, no disrespect intended.


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