Customers Boycott After Tim Hortons Manager Dumps Water On Homeless Man

Tim Hortons issued an apology after one of its managers at a Vancouver location reportedly dumped a bucket of water on a homeless man outside of the café, spurring customers to boycott the popular Canadian coffee chain.

Customer Arianne Summach called for the boycott on Friday, after she posted a message on Facebook that quickly went viral, claiming she had witnessed the manager of Tim Hortons on Robson and Richards dumping a “very large bucket of water” over a homeless man and his belongings, which included his cardboard bed, reports Global News. She says he was sleeping at the time it happened and that the manager did this because the man was sitting in front of the shop.

After news of the incident went viral, Michelle Robichaud, manager of social media at Tim Hortons released the following statement:

“The regretful actions in a moment of frustration at one of our Vancouver locations is not at all reflective of our brand and restaurant owner values. On behalf of Tim Hortons we sincerely apologize.”

Robichaud went on to say that the owner of the store would be making a personal apology and that a donation would be made to Belkin House, a shelter in Vancouver, reports the Toronto Sun.

Judy Regamey, Executive Director of Vancouver Salvation Army Harbour Light, weighed in on the situation.

“Obviously it’s not okay," Regamey said. "I understand that when people put their bed in front of a business, it must be difficult for business owners. But if they were to talk to them, and explain you can’t really put up your home here, I think people will understand that.”

Sources: Global News, Toronto Sun

Photo Credit: m01229/Flickr, Wikimedia Commons


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