U.K. Woman Holds Wedding Ceremony To Marry Herself


You’ve no doubt heard of some unique wedding ideas over the years, but this one from U.K. woman Grace Gelder really stands out from the rest. Gelder, a professional photographer, held a wedding ceremony recently in which she married…herself.

Gelder says she has been on a journey to increase her self-awareness over the last six years, and her decision to wed herself is just another step on that path. She became intrigued by the idea of self-love after hearing a Björk song called “Isobel” in college.

“I do, however, have a strong recollection of when I was 18 at university and studying performance art, hearing that line in a Björk song called Isobel: ‘My name’s Isobel, married to myself,’ and thinking, crazy as that sounds, I totally get that,” she writes in a column for The Guardian. “It’s about making this pact or promise to yourself and then somehow enacting that in how you live your life from that day on.”

And so, with the full support of her family and friends, Gelder held a ceremony in which she vowed to be good to the one person she will be with until she dies. 

Gelder was unsure of how many people would attend her eccentric ceremony, but was presently surprised on the wedding day.

“I walked into a big airy room of an idyllic farmhouse in rural Devon – a kindly donation by some friends – I couldn’t believe it,” she writes. “I was met by what felt like a sea of beaming faces. There were almost 50 people present when I had been expecting 20 at most.”

Gelder says that though the wedding may seem narcissistic at first, she hopes it leads people to question their concepts of love and commitment.

“The day was obviously centered on me,” she says. “The final event being a mirror for me to kiss, but it also felt like I was sharing something very special with my friends, giving everyone an opportunity to reflect on their own ideas of love and commitment.”

Gelder says she’s already seen benefits in her personal life since the wedding.

“My self-married status – meaningless though it may remain in the eyes of the law – has also given me this great sense of clarity. I seem to sense much more clearly than before if something is worth pursuing or best left alone,” she writes. “And just because I married myself, it doesn’t mean that I’m not open to the idea of sharing a wedding with someone else one day.”

Source: The Guardian

Photo credit: Nick Cunard, Amy Grubb


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