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Tilfert Vaughn In Jail Without Bail For Raping Woman With Her Husband Watching

Tilfert Vaughn was arrested on Sunday for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman while her husband lay next to her in bed. Vaughn, 54, noticed her in a bar, followed her home and held a knife to her throat while he raped her.

According to police, the victim woke up at about 4 a.m. in her Phoenix apartment on November 5 because the bathroom light was on. She asked her husband why it was on but when she spoke it turned off.

She walked towards the bathroom and opened the door, revealing Vaughn standing naked and holding a large serrated knife.

According to court documents, Vaughn forced the woman to lie back down in bed and proceeded to rape her while holding the knife to her throat. The victim’s 30-year-old husband attempted to struggle but sustained serious injury to his fingers from Vaughn’s knife which required him to undergo surgery.

After raping the woman, Vaughn said, “Now you have a baby. Bless it and take care of it.” He dressed and left the apartment.

Vaughn told police that he had been in the vicinity of the victim’s apartment but did not rape the woman.

However, police asked for a court order for Vaughn’s DNA, which matched the DNA found from the victim’s forensic exam.

Vaughn is being held without bail and is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing next week.

Sources: NY Daily News, AZ Central

Photo Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Reddit


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