Tigers Killed in China to Impress Wealthy Businessmen (Video)

Wealthy businessmen and government officials have reportedly killed tigers for entertainment in Zhanjiang, China.

Local police found carcasses of tigers and tiger products during a raid this month, according to the government-controlled Nanfang Daily, notes AFP.

Local police arrested 15 suspects who allegedly slaughtered at least 10 tigers, but one suspect died when he jumped off a building while trying to escape from authorities, reports ECNS.cn.

The local government officials and businessmen reportedly enjoy watching what they call a "visual feast" of tigers being slaughtered, which is illegal in China.

A video (below) of a tiger-killing has surfaced and purports to show an electrified iron rod stuck in a caged tiger's mouth. Then an unidentified man, safely outside the cage, shocks the animal to death.

An experienced butcher is then hired to cut up the carcass. In China, tiger bones sell (illegally) for an average of $2,300.

The businessmen then give the bones and tiger meat to local government officials as gifts, which are likely bribes.

Xie Yan, an expert from the Institute of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the Global Times that tiger bones are believed to improve male health and cure impotence, per ancient traditional Chinese medicine.

Sources: AFP, ECNS.cn, Global Times



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