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Tiger Trainer Alexander Crispin Mauled to Death During Performance (Video)

American tiger trainer Alexander Crispin was killed by one of his Bengal tigers during a performance in the 'Circo Suarez' in Etchojoa, Mexico, on Saturday.

A video (below) posted on YouTube shows Crispin circling the two tigers during his act.

After Crispin was attacked, audience members ran from the the circus tent, while two workers beat the tiger to free the trainer, reports the Daily Mail.

The Mexican news agency Notimex reported that Crispin suffered neck injuries from bites and was taken to a Red Cross hospital in Huatabampo, Mexico. where he died.

The owner of Circo Suarez has been called to testify at the Public Ministry in Etchojoa.

In their natural habitat, Bengal tigers travel miles to hunt buffalo, deer, wild pigs, and other large animals.

A hungry tiger can eat as much as 60 pounds in one night, however, most tigers avoid humans.

Source: Daily Mail


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