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Tiffany Trump's Birthday Party Raises Eyebrows (Photos)

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First daughter Tiffany Trump turned some heads when she posted a birthday photo to Instagram that many folks said was just downright unnatural -- while her father caught some attention for not publicly acknowledging her big day, sparking rumors that Tiffany is estranged from the rest of the Trumps.

Tiffany turned 24 on Oct. 13, and she uploaded a photo of the festivities three days later. 

In that image, the Georgetown Law student wears a short, white tuxedo dress along with heels, accentuating her thin legs which are proportionally far longer than the rest of her body.

"I love that filter.. lol how did you do that!" commented one Instagram user.

It isn't known whether she used an Instagram filter or paid a pro to edit the image, although eagle-eyed viewers might notice that some of the items around her are warped, such as the size of the chair next to her and the bottom corner of the white shelf between her legs and the chair, while her feet are shaped differently, with the front one sticking out at an unnatural angle.

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The blurred background and somewhat distorted angle also caught some folks' attention.

Other photos taken that night featured a more normally-proportioned first daughter who was all smiles as she celebrated the night at a restaurant with her mother, 53-year-old Marla Maples, and friends, including designer Andrew Warren, billionaire heir Peter Brant Jr. and model Stephanie Seymour, notes the Daily Mail.

Julia Moshy, Alexandre Aristote Assouline, and Rebecca Chernyavsky were also in attendance, as was Tiffany's half-brother, Donald Trump Jr., who brought his wife and two of his five children, though they left early in the night, escorted by Secret Service.

Aside from Donald Jr.'s birthday visit, Metro US notes that Tiffany has not received any other public mentions of her big day from her family, even though President Donald Trump has tweeted birthday greetings while in office to his other daughter, Ivanka Trump, as well as current wife Melania Trump and Donald Jr. He has also wished a happy birthday to the U.S Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force and Army.

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The news comes amid reports that the president has not guaranteed Tiffany any inheritance money and that the two were never close growing up, even while she received tuition money and an apartment from him, notes People. Though the president said in an interview with Howard Stern that Ivanka and Donald Jr. once tried to "bump" Tiffany from their inheritance, Ivanka and Tiffany have since reportedly grown closer.

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