Tiffany Sherry Stabs Boyfriend, Michael Martinez, for Slapping her Sunburned Bottom

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In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Tiffany Sherry was arrested after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend, who slapped her sunburned buttocks, reports

According to a police report, Sherry was cleaning the dishes when her boyfriend, Michael Martinez, slapped her in buttocks as a “joke.”

Martinez told police: “Sherry turned around from the sink and was holding a large steak knife" and followed him into the living room.

Martinez asked Sherry if she was going to stab him in front of their kids, and she responded by sending the children out of the room.

Then Sherry reportedly poked Martinez in the abdomen with the knife, and then stabbed him in the shoulder.

She yelled "I’m going to fuc*ing kill you” and stabbed him again in the stomach.

When police arrived, they found Martinez bleeding from the stomach wound and two cuts in his right shoulder.

Martinez was talken to the hospital, while Sherry was taken to jail.

Sherry was reportedly arrested in 2008 after allegedly stabbing a man with a fork.


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