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Tiffany & Co Store Robbed by Well-Dressed, Polite Thief (Video)

The Tiffany & Co store at 5th Avenue and East 57th Street in New York City is famous for its appearance in the 1961 film "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

More recently, the store made headlines after a smooth-talking thief stole two diamond necklaces worth $90,000.

The theft was captured on the store's surveillance cameras last Friday (video below).

According to the New York Police Department, the thief was well-dressed in a suit and tie when he entered the store. He asked a clerk if he could take a look at the two necklaces.

The thief politely chatted the clerk up and then asked him to place the necklaces on top of the counter so that he could examine them for a possible purchase, notes the Daily Mail.

For reasons unknown, the clerk turned his back and walked away — giving the thief a chance to steal the diamond necklaces and leave.

Source: Daily Mail


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