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Tied Up And Abandoned Dog Finds A New Home

Retired pastor Lourens van Wyk, 67, was at Helderberg Apostolic Faith Mission in Cape Town, South Africa, in July when a man informed him he saw a a strange package near a railroad. 

“It was raining and I went in my car down the road. I saw there was a plastic bag lying on the ground. It looked like it could have been a baby,” he told News24. 

“I carefully tore the packet open and saw it was a dog. I was shocked. He looked very sick and his hair was falling out. I just grabbed him and chased in my car to the [veterinary] clinic.”

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The elderly dog was in bad shape.“His mouth [muzzle] was tied with shoelaces as well as both his front and hind legs. They were swollen,” said Animal Welfare Society Helderberg general manager Julia Evans.

After the story went public, support poured in. The dog was dubbed Trax and has been on a long road to recovery. 

“The slow process of healing and learning to trust again has begun,” Evans told MailOnline. “Trax was exhibiting a head 'tic' which at first we thought might be due to the distemper virus, but it is getting better so we assume it was as a result of an injury during his terrible ordeal.”

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Now, Trax has been adopted by a family in Johannesburg. “As soon as our vet gives him a clean bill of health, he’ll be on his way to a new life. Unfortunately, Trax’s story is not an unfamiliar one in this country and the cruelty humans impose upon these creatures continues to shock me daily,” Evans said.

Sources: Daily Mail, News24 Image via News24


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