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Thrift Store Manager Finds $700 Under Couch Cushion

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A North Carolina thrift store manager was shocked to find nearly $700 under a sofa cushion of a couch that had been donated.

The Blue Ridge Humane Society Thrift Store in Hendersonville, North Carolina, received a truckload of items this week. When the store manager, Terri Thompson, went to check on the furniture, she found the cash under a cushion.

“When we come against something like this where we have an opportunity to return a little bit to one of our donors, I love it,” Thompson said. “And the fact that she would feel so good about it that she’d say ‘you all keep some’…what goes around comes around.”

Although the money was returned to the woman who donated the couch, she donated $100 back to the humane society. 

Sources: ABC News, Fox News

Photo Credit: ABC News 


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