3-Year-Old Who Left Home In The Middle Of The Night Dies In The Cold

Three-year-old Canadian boy, Elijah Marsh, inexplicably wandered and left the comfort of his own home early this morning and was found dead wearing only a t-shirt, diaper and boots.

Elijah was seen on CCTV leaving his grandparents’ apartment at 4:05 am pushing through the building’s front door. He was last seen on camera in front of the driveway at 4:20 am, when the temperature was -2F and the wind chill was -18F.

According to Daily Mail, the boy was discovered in the backyard of a home by two volunteer searchers at 10:20 am just a few hundred yards away from his grandparents’ building. He was then taken to North York General Hospital in life-threatening condition but unfortunately did not make it.

"He left that doorway and made his way out — the exact route we can't tell you," Inspector Frank Barredo said. "We may be able to find that out, we may never find that out, but we know where he ended up."

The child loved to run and play on the slides, and “was a happy kid,” said Angel Young, a resident of the apartment complex where Elijah lived.

The entire city and community has stepped up in light of this tragic event to offer condolences and even raise money with over $15,000 being raised for funeral costs as of Friday morning through an online campaign. Over 100 officers were involved in the search including volunteers all across the Toronto area.

“It is a terrible tragedy," said Mayor John Tory this morning to reporters. “My heartfelt condolences to the family … Toronto's thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.”

“There’s nothing worse in this business and for all of us than to see the tragic death of a child,” police Chief Bill Blair told reporters following a police board meeting. “I think every Torontonian will feel the loss. You know, you see the picture of that beautiful little boy and a very nice smile and the video of the child going out into the cold at 4 o’clock in the morning, it really is a tragic set of circumstances.

“I think it'll remind all of us to go home and just hug our kids a little bit more.”

Sources: The Star, CBS News Toronto, Dailymail   Photo Source: Pixabay, Daily Mail


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