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Three-Year-Old Barred From School Picture For 'Extreme' Haircut

A three-year-old boy was told he couldn’t take part in his very first school photo because administrators found that his hair was too “extreme.”

According to reports, three-year-old Delaney Templeton arrived at school excited to be in his class’s photo, but administrators wouldn’t allow him to have his picture taken because his “extreme” hair was too short.

“I was absolutely furious,” Julieann Yates, Delaney’s mother, said to the Sunderland Echo. “I was really, really mad. We were really looking forward to having his picture taken with the other children, and he was talking about it on the way to nursery that morning. It would have been his first ever school photos. I was very, very upset and angry.”

Yates says that her son has had the same haircut since he started at the preschool back in September and it hasn’t been a problem.

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“Most of the school had their photos taken,” said Yates. “My son was refused because of his hairstyle. He has had the exact same hairstyle since he started nursery in September, and the school has never said it was inappropriate. He was the only one in his year who was excluded, but there were a lot of children in the school, with comb overs, who had their photos taken.”

Despite Yates’ outrage, headteacher at Southwick Community Primary School Trish Stoker says that parents are informed of the hair policy at the beginning of the year.

“Every family with a child at our school receives a home school agreement which includes the school uniform policy and extreme haircuts,” said Stoker. “Also letters are regularly sent out to remind parents of the school rules on extreme haircuts. That agreement, drawn up and agreed by staff and parents/carers at our school is there to help maintain levels of attainment, behaviour and discipline and improve standards.”

A similar story in which another British schoolboy was reprimanded for his haircut was reports by Opposing Views last week, although in that case, the boy was suspended.

Sources:Metro UK, Sunderland Echo, Daily Mail / Photo Source: Sunderland Echo


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