Three Texas Officers Save Disabled Man From Burning Home


Three police officers in a Fort Worth suburb were hailed as heroes after they rescued a disabled man from his burning home on Wednesday.

The officers were the first emergency responders to arrive at John Sauer’s Churchill Road home on Wednesday morning. When they arrived, around 1 a.m., family members pointed to 53-year-old Sauer who was still stuck inside.

“His son ran to me and said his dad was still in a room,” Officer Nathan Wilson said. “The house was flaming pretty good.”

Sauer’s son reported that he had tried to rescue his father but was unable to do so.

Determined to save Sauer, Wilson smashed through a bedroom window and he, along with Officer Tim Whitley and Sgt. Steve Nance, rescued him just before firefighters arrived.

“I wasn’t thinking about it,” Whitley said. “We had to help this man and that’s what was on my mind.”

Sgt. Nance agreed.

When firefighters did arrive, they were forced to fight the fire from the outside because it was so intense. After 30 minutes, firefighters managed to end the fire

Sauer was taken to the hospital for minor smoke inhalation. Whitley was treated for a cut arm from broken glass. No other injuries were reported.

Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire, which completely destroyed the home.

Sources: Fox News, Star Telegram


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