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Three Teenagers in Kansas Charged After Hazing Incident Involving Branding with a Hot Hanger

Three high school students in Kansas are in a lot of trouble after a hazing incident left four teens badly injured.

Kendric Hudson, 18, Jaiden Casanova, 18, and Cody Curl, 16, are all charged with various counts of aggravated battery and hazing after branding the 14 and 15-year-olds on the stomach with a hot hanger.

According to Reno County District Attorney Keith Schroeder, the three students from Hutchinson, Kansas twisted the hanger back and forth until it was hot enough to leave burns on the skin of the younger boys.

"I think of branding as using a hot iron heated in coals or a fire," said Schroeder in regards to labeling the hazing branding. "But I guess if you burn someone with something it is branding. It's a matter of semantics. Whether it leaves a permanent mark or not is unclear."

16-year-old Curl apparently is still in a juvenile detention center due to already being on probation for past convictions within the past year, including other battery charges, burglary, theft, and criminal use of a financial card. Reno County Chief Judge Patricia Macke Dick thought that with a year of crimes like Curl committed, and based on the fact that he was already on probation, he should be sent to juvenile detention.

According to reports, Curl’s attorney did not think that his client should go to juvenile detention, saying that he was actually a good kid with self-discipline. District Attorney Cheryl Allen, however, thought otherwise, maintaining that the boy should be detained and should not be released until trial.

“I don't see a lot of self-discipline going on because if there were, he would not have picked up new charges on this,” said Allen. “This young man, with his history, this young man needs to stay where he’s at pending adjudication.”


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