Three Teen Girls Accused of Pimping Other Teen Girls As Young as 13


Three high school girls in Ottawa, Canada are on trial for allegedly forcing young girls into prostitution by pretending they were going to be their friends.

Two of the girls are 16 years old, while the other is 17 years old. They are accused of using social media sites, like Facebook, to lure victims in that were as young as 13. The told them to meet them at their social housing complex before they stripped, robbed and photographed them.

They also drugged the girls to make them perform sex acts on johns and then took the money they made. If the victims did not listen to the girls, they were beaten.

There are seven victims between the ages of 13 and 17 that have come forward, telling police that they met the teens through social networking sites.

The community is shocked, not only because the crimes are serious but also because the three teen girls were promising students, one being the valedictorian. They were also the community's "go to" babysitters.

Last June, the teens were arrested. Trial has begun this week and is expected to last for the next month. They are pleading not guilty to 74 charges.

The prostitution ring is said to have lasted between April and June of 2012. 

Victims said they were forced to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana before they were told to wear high heels and have sex against their will. Two said they were raped.

A girl, aged 13, said her mother dropped her off at the apartment because she thought she was having an innocent sleepover. But when the girl returned home the next day wearing high heeled boots and a trench coat, she told her mother she had been forced to pose for nude photographs.

She was also taken to a man's apartment but he did not have sex with her after he found out she did not choose to be there.

When police started searching the teen girls' apartment, they found nude photographs of the girl on a cell phone and also found victims' clothing and a number for "tricks" in the phone.

The bedroom was covered with messages written in marker. Messages including: "sex is like chocolate" and "money over everything $". 

One attacker referred to herself as the "female bill gates" on Twitter. She also posted a tweet saying, "Ain't no problem like a hoe problem. I've got hoe problemssss."

The teens are facing multiple charges, including human trafficking, abduction, forcible confinement, robbery, sexual assault, assault and printing and publishing child pornography.

Prosecutors are pushing for the teens to be sentenced as adults if they are found guilty, meaning they could spend up to 14 years in jail. If they are sentenced as juveniles, their sentence will be just three years.

Sources: Ottawa Citizen, Policy Mic


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