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Three Students from Upper Dublin High School Get Perfect SAT Scores

Three students from the same public high school have shocked the country with their their perfect SAT scores.

Upper Dublin High School in Fort Washington, Penn., recently learned that the three students scored 2400. Two students, also from the same school, just missed out on the perfect score, getting 2380.

Julie Baldassano, Benjamin She, and William Raynor were surprised by their scores. Baldassano, 17, thought she was dreaming when she checked her results in the early morning.

"I still don't really believe it," she said. "I was happily surprised. My whole life I've been in [my brother's] shadow. I passed a bar I always thought was impossible to pass. I wasn't getting anywhere near 2400 when I started practicing."

Baldassano aspires to be a veterinarian when she finishes college, while She and William aspire to be doctors.

"It's really exciting and I never expected it," Raynor, 16, said. "I was aiming for about a 2300, I was pretty nervous; I thought a lot about each question."

She, 16, thought there was an error when he checked his score. "My mom was really happy," he said. He currently plays violin at the Philadelphia Sinfonia and teaches English at a Chinese school for the elderly.

It is extremely rare to get a perfect score on the test. More than 1 million students take the SATs every year, and only 360 score 2400.

The public school is known for its academic success. In 2007, Upper Dublin was named the number one public school in Montgomery County.

The school boasts an average graduation rate of 99 percent, with 95 percent of students going on to college.



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