Three Snowmobilers Save Trapped Moose In Alaska


A group of snowmobilers in Alaska discovered a moose buried in an avalanche and worked together to save its life.

44-year-old Marty Mobley, 30-year-old Rob Uphus, and 27-year-old Avery Vucinich were snowmobiling about 55 miles north of Anchorage when they suddenly saw the snout of a moose sticking out from a pile of snow.

“There was just enough of its snout sticking above the snow that it could breathe,” Mobley told the Alaska Dispatch News.

“It looked like a guy's arm at first because we were expecting to see a skier,” Mobley continued. “But it was moaning and groaning and moving and we realized it was a moose, even though only his ears and some of its snout was sticking out of the snow.”

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The area in Hatcher Pass, which is known as “God’s Country,” is reportedly prone to avalanches, so the three men were riding slowly to begin with. Thankfully, they were going slow enough to spot the moose’s snout sticking out of the ground. The snowmobilers immediately grabbed shovels and worked together to dig the animal out, saving its life before another avalanches trapped it again.

“It didn't even fight us,” Mobley explained. “It was like, 'Help me. Help me.' It was totally docile and let us touch it. It just (lay) there.”

After ten minutes of digging, the moose was finally free.

“It stood right up and towered over us, because we were in kind of a hole from the digging,” Mobley said. “It looked like the abominable snowman because its fur was so packed with snow and it looked at us, shook the snow off it, and off it went.”

The moose was reportedly uninjured, and then men said they knew it was something they just “had to do.”

Sources:Fox News, Seaforth Huron Expositor, Alaska Dispatch News / Photo Source: Seaforth Huron Expositor, Flickr


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