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Three Sent to Hospital After Teen Replaces School's Marinara with Hot Sauce

A high school in Chicago was the victim of a terrible prank when a student decided to replace the cafeteria's marinara sauce with hot sauce that was the same strength as US law enforcement grade pepper spray.

The prank sent three people to the hospital after a student took a bite out of his spaghetti and realized it was extremely spicy. He alerted cafeteria staff, who then said they felt ill.

The 15-year-old prankster attended Chicago's Highland Park High School. 

"Several staff and students reported reactions to the sauce, including coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and skin rashes," Highland Park High School spokeswoman Natalie Kaplan said. "The impacted staff members were taken to hospital but no serious injuries were reported."

The student has not been named, but reportedly snuck into the cafeteria during the first lunch break and poured the "Da Bomb" hot sauce into a marinara container. 

"A student then went through the food line and purchased spaghetti with marinara sauce, and after sitting down and taking his first bite, found it intolerably hot and went back to the food line to advise staff," Highland Park Police Deputy Chief George Pfutzenreuter said. "Staff pulled the sauce from the line and, in evaluating the sauce, some of the staff members also started feeling effects."

They are not sure what type of Da Bomb hot sauce the student used, but the most powerful version sold is rated at 1.5 million Scoville units. This is roughly the same as U.S. Grade pepper spray.

The student who did the prank was arrested and is being charged as a juvenile for five counts of misdemeanor battery.

After the incident, the school announced it would install security cameras in the cafeteria's food line to deter other pranksters.

Sources: Gawker,ABC


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