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Three Pakistani Men Sentenced To Death For Stoning Pregnant Female Relative In 'Honor Killing'

Three Pakistani men have received death sentences for the violent “honor killing” of Farzana Iqbal which happened last May.

Iqbal, reportedly pregnant at the time, was murdered in broad daylight by over a dozen men, including her father, brother and cousin.

Iqbal went against her family’s wishes of marrying her cousin when she chose to marry Muhammad Iqbal. While waiting on the steps of the Lahore High Court to get her marriage approved, a crowd of men, organized by the convicted family members, began to pelt bricks and stones at her.

Muhammad tried to make the men stop and begged nearby police for help. However, the police refused to intervene, and after 15 minutes of stoning, Farzana was dead.

The court reached their decision on Wednesday that Farzana’s father Iqbal, brother Zahid Iqbal and cousin/former fiancée Jahan Khan would be put to death. Another suspect, Ghulam Ali, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Nearly 870 cases of “honor killings” were reported to the media in 2013, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. The number is most likely a lot higher as many cases are unreported.

Sources Cited: The Daily Mail, The Express Tribune / Photo Credit: The Express Tribune, Daily Bix


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