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Three Motorists Bravely Box In Drunk Driver On Interstate Before He Hurt Someone

When three good Samaritans spotted a blue mini-van driving erratically on a New York highway this past Monday, they boxed him in and called police.

Driver Briana Cole says the driver, 48-year-old Paul Kostraba, was all over Interstate 390.

“I thought somebody was going to die,” Cole told 13WHAM-TV.

Driver Josh Kuba said he suspected Kostraba was having a medical emergency, but when he didn’t respond to attempts to get him to pull over he realized Kostraba might be intoxicated.

Kuba pulled his truck in front of the van to prevent Kostraba from exiting the interstate. Kostraba slammed into his truck.

Cole pulled up behind the van to block him from getting out. A third driver parked alongside Kostraba until police arrived.

“There was no way for him to move,” Cole said. “He tried to start his car and tried to go again, but he had nowhere to go.”

Kostraba was booked into Livingston county jail for DWI and other charges. His license was revoked.

Livingston County Sheriff Tom Dougherty said deputies at the scene described Kostraba as “highly intoxicated,” although they do not know what his blood alcohol level was.

His wife, who was allegedly intoxicated as well, was a passenger in the van.

While Dougherty says the public isn’t encouraged to make such interventions, he thanked the three drivers.

“They felt that this guy was putting everybody in danger,” Dougherty said. “And they didn’t have time for the police to arrive.”

Sources: 13WHAM-TV, WROC-TV


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