Three Men Shot In Philadelphia Home With 'Trespassers Will Be Shot, Survivors Will Be Shot Again' Sign


Three men were shot Saturday in a Philadelphia home which reportedly had a door sign that read: “Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.”

Officers responded around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday after receiving a report of someone screaming in the Holmesburg area of the city. When police arrived at a residence in the area, three men in their 30s and 40s were found in a first-floor apartment with gunshot wounds to the head, according to a police spokesperson.

The three men were found by one of the victim’s girlfriend, according to officials.

"She had to turn the knob, she walked in, and found one male victim on the kitchen floor and she walked in to see her boyfriend on the couch and another unknown male," Philadelphia Police Inspector George Fuchs said.

All three men were pronounced dead following the arrival of law authorities.

"It's really disturbing. A lot of friends and family are telling us to get out of here," Paul Rukas, a neighbor, said.

Police are currently looking into surveillance video from a nearby business and searching for public witnesses. Officers are not sure whether or not more than one person was involved in the shooting and have not made any arrests.

On Monday, police released the names of each victim: 40-year-old Ramon Ortiz, 30-year-old Sarith Mang and 40-year-old Jason Stratos.

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Sources: DailyMail, ABC News / Photo Credit: Google Maps, NBC News


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