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Three College Students In India Accused Of Killing, Cooking Pet Dog

Officials in India say they have arrested three college students on charges that they killed a pet dog and then attempted to cook the animal for a meal. 

India Today reports the three men — identified only by their first names, Dholjit, Michael and Romen — were arrested after a neighbor complained to police Tuesday, believing the dog, named Marley, had been killed.

According to a May 9 story from The Indian Express, the three, who are college students in Bangalore, have been charged with mischief by killing or maiming an animal of value. 

According to the police complaint, a neighbor in the Subhash Nagar area of the city, called police after growing suspicious of an odd smell coming from the students’ apartment. 

The neighbor, an animal rights activist identified only by the name Chandrashekar, said he went to investigate the source of the smell and found that the three had skinned their pet dog and were cooking it, police said.

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The neighbor said he reported the incident to the Animal Welfare Association and later he and other activists filed a complaint. 

The Indian Express reported that a preliminary investigation found the three men — all reported to be approximately 20 years old — bought the dog as a puppy about six months ago. The puppy was reportedly around 7 months old when the college students killed it. 

A May 10 followup story from The Indian Express reported that Chandrashekar said he had to enlist the support of Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi, also an animal rights activist, before police would make an arrest. 

“They arrested the students only after Maneka Gandhi asked them to file a case,” Chandrashekar, who also goes by the name Raj Gowda, was quoted as saying. 

Police have denied the allegation. 

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The followup story also indicated that the three students have been released on bail.

One of the men reportedly told police that the three had killed the dog after it had bitten him, but denied having cooked the animal. He reportedly claimed to have thrown the dog’s body in a nearby lake.

Sources: India Today, The Indian Express (May 9), The Indian Express (May 10)

Photo Credit: India Today


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