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Three Men "Illegally Arrested" In Texas For Openly Carrying Pre-1899 Pistols

Police arrested three men in Texas on Friday for carrying pistols from the Civil War-era out in the open, though they appeared to be breaking no state laws, according to The Blaze.

The arrests occurred at a pro-gun protest at the Texas Capitol, where police reportedly found three men to be engaging in disorderly conduct and alarming people with their firearms.

The men arrested were a 44-year-old pastor named Terry Louis Holcomb, a 50-year-old military veteran named Scott Douglas Smith and Gary Hayes, a quadriplegic.

Some people at the protest said the arrest was unwarranted, since the men were not causing alarm. They said numerous people at the protest besides the men were openly baring their pistols.

Gun rights activists added that the men were not breaking any laws.

The state law dictates that a gun manufactured before 1899 does not have all the same restrictions on it as a gun made today. Pre-1899 guns are not considered “firearms”

The three men who were arrested plan to protest the charges against them, said a spokesman from Open Carry Texas. The spokesman added that he thinks the men were “illegally arrested.”

Members of Open Carry Texas are currently planning another protest in response to the arrests.

Source: The Blaze


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