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Three Men Arrested In Tennessee For Torturing Scalper Over Justin Bieber Tickets

Three men in Tennessee were arrested Thursday for allegedly torturing a ticket scalper over counterfeit Justin Bieber tickets.

The Rutherford County Grand Jury indicted Commissioner Matthew Young, Murfreesboro businessman Bubba Hutson and Harvey Felsher, of Mississippi, on charges of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault and extortion.

The three are accused of torturing ticket scalper Kenneth Cooper of Nashville in July 2012.

Cooper says the men invested thousands of dollars in his scalping business, but they were angry over counterfeit tickets to Bieber’s show at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

“They confronted me and put a dog collar behind my neck and repeatedly burned me with cigarettes,” Cooper told NewsChannel 5.

Cooper says the men gave him $20,000 for Bieber tickets which they intended to sell to others at inflated prices. After gambling the money away, Cooper said he gave them counterfeit tickets instead. When the men figured it out, they allegedly showed up to his Murfreesboro home.

He says he was threatened with a gun, burned with cigarettes and beaten.

“Matt Young came behind me with a dog collar,” Cooper said. “He repeatedly started choking me with it. One of the men said, ‘Stop, he’s turning purple.’”

Eventually the men called Young’s friend, Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold, demanding Cooper be arrested.

They took him to the sheriff’s office, although Arnold had refused to arrest Cooper without a warrant.

“It kind of surprised me that they took me to the sheriff’s department because I still had blood on me,” Cooper said.

"You see my face, don't you," Cooper says he told a detective at the station. "You see my neck, don't you?" The detective responded, "I was fixing to ask you about that."

Cooper showed the detective the burns on him. "So you can imagine the torture that was put to me over at that damn house," he added.

Hutson and Felsher deny Cooper’s allegations, calling him a con-artist.

"You have become a victim like us -- being deceived by Mr. Cooper," Felsher told NewsChannel 5.

Cooper is currently in jail in Hopkinsville, Ky., on charges in connection with an altercation with Young that also took place in 2012.

Sources: News Channel 5, Raw Story


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