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Three Men Arrested For Murder Of Savannah State University Student

Three men were arrested in Savannah, Georgia, following a long-running investigation into the death of 21-year-old Rebecca Foley in January 2013.

Kevin Lenard Smith, Roderick Demoine Parrish and Jordan Lamar Campbell have been charged with murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm.

The Savannah State University student was found outside her home on Jan. 21 after being shot dead. Police say she returned home from getting her nails done and was in her car when the incident occurred.

Her body was found outside the vehicle.

“It’s something we’ve been waiting for a long time,” Jennifer, Foley’s mother, said of the charges, according to NBC.

The three men were already in custody for an unrelated crime when arrest warrants were issued.

“I guess we thought it would bring us closure, but I don’t feel closure. Perhaps at sentencing we will,” Jennifer added.

Although police did not indicate how the case was solved, Jennifer said she heard that the three suspects were trying to rob Rebecca when they shot her.

Police followed many leads, but one of the lead investigators, Detective Alan Sammons, told Savannah Now that it was only in the last year that things began to move forward.

“There’s a lot of ups and downs in a homicide investigation,” Sammons added. “This one had quite a few. We had moments of excitement and it had very slow periods where nothing happen.”

Sammons said police were considering establishing a cold case unit in a move aimed at increasing the number of convictions in old cases.

“I had just about given up,” Rebecca’s father, Eddie, told NBC.

Rebecca’s mother and sister Beni moved to Jacksonville, Florida, during the investigation so they could be closer to the case.

The family also traveled to Savannah on several occasions to try to keep police focused on the murder.

“I just want to know why -- why was it worth it?” asked Beni. “What in this world could be worth another human being’s life?”

Sources: NBC, Savannah Now / Photo credit: NBC

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