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Three Preteen Kids Point Loaded Gun at People, Drink Booze (Video)

Three preteen kids went on a bizarre weekend bender in Toronto, Ohio, that included booze and a handgun.

"A 10-year-old, an 11-year-old, and a 12-year-old got together, got some alcohol and the 12-year-old stole a handgun from the mom's boyfriend out of the house," Toronto Police Chief Randy Henry told WTOV 9 (video below).

The one girl and two boys pointed the loaded gun at kids and adults, and threatened to shoot.

While the kids were on the run over the weekend, their friends and family members posted messages on Facebook trying to find them.

Police arrested the youngsters near State Route 213 and charged them with possession of stolen property, theft of a firearm and underage consumption of alcohol.

However, kids can also get in trouble for fake guns in Ohio.

Nathan Entingh, 10, was suspended from the Devonshire Alternative Elementary School for three days in March for making his fingers look like a gun.

"He was pointing it at a friend's head and he said 'boom,'" Nathan's father Paul Entingh told CNN. "The kid didn't see it. No other kids saw it. But the teacher saw it. It wasn't threatening. It wasn't hostile. It was a 10-year-old kid playing."

Paul got a letter from the school saying that Nathan was suspended because his fingers were a "level 2 look-alike firearm."

"We've had a problem at this school," said Columbus City Schools spokesman Jeff Warner. "The boys have gone around fake shooting and making paper guns at class. It's inappropriate. [The principal] has sent notes to parents for the past three weeks alerting them of the problem."

Sources: WTOV 9 and CNN


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