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Three Gun Activists Arrested for Carrying Black Powder Pistols (Video)

Three members of the pro-gun group, Texas Open Carry, were reportedly arrested in Austin, Texas for openly carrying replicas of century-old guns.

The arrests were recorded on video (below) by members of Texas Open Carry.

According to, Holcomb, Scott Douglas Smith and Gary Hayes, a quadriplegic, were reportedly charged with disorderly conduct, which in this case was using a firearm in a way that is "calculated to alarm.”

However, Texas Open Carry members say the men had their pistols holstered and weren’t causing alarm.

At the beginning of the first video, (below) activist Terry Holcomb tells the cameraman that he is carrying a "black powder 1850 Remington replica 44 caliber revolver."

Holcomb then read what he claimed was Texas law allowing the open carry of a replica of a firearm manufactured before 1899: "Only if the replica does not use rim fire or center fire ammunition."

Holcomb added that his pistol was a "ball and cap revolver."

The video then cuts to Holcomb being arrested by Texas state troopers. It's not clear when this incident happened, but the video was uploaded to YouTube on Sept. 13.

Later, the pro-gun activists hand a copy of the Texas gun law to a Texas state trooper, who starts reading it aloud, but stops before getting to the part read by Holcomb earlier.

Source: and YouTube


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