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Three Grandmothers Arrested for Singing Inside Wisconsin Capitol (Video)

Madison, Wisconsin Capitol Police arrested 22 people for peacefully assembling inside the Capitol building without a permit on Thursday.

According to The Cap Times, those arrested included journalist Matthew Rothschild, Madison City Council member Mark Clear, three grandmothers and a minor (video below).

Except for Rothschild, they were participating in the daily Solidarity Sing Along (SSA), which was created in 2011 to protest Governor Scott Walker's union-busting “Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill.”

In July, a judge banned peaceful demonstrations of 20 people or more inside the Capitol without a permit.

Rothschild, editor of The Progressive, wasn't taking part in the protest, but was shooting pictures of the arrests when he was arrested.

The journalist told The Daily Kos that he did not comply with a police officer’s order to move from the area and repeatedly identified himself as a journalist who had a right to be there.

Three grandmothers, who call themselves "The Raging Grannies," were also placed in handcuffs and escorted out.

Madison City Council member Mark Clear, who was arrested, said: “An officer walked up to me and said I was participating in an illegal event and told me to immediately disperse.  I politely declined.”

A 14-year old girl, who identified herself as "Lydia," was also arrested. She added: “I have a right to peacefully protest my government.”

The police did not agree.

Source: The Daily Kos and The Cap Times


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