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Three Georgia Day Care Workers Arrested for Not Treating Child With Severe Burns, Lying

Three Georgia day care employees were recently arrested after they allegedly failed to provide medical attention for a 16-month-old child with severe burns and then lied about the incident leading to the injury.

On June 13, a child named Damon sustained severe burns while at Clermont’s Discovering Basics day care, said Megan Seabolt, Damon’s mother.

The child received no medical treatment until eight hours after being burns, when his mother picked him up from the day care and noticed the injuries, according to the NY Daily News.

Day care workers reportedly told Seabolt that her son’s injuries were the result of a bug bite. How Damon was injured is still unclear. Clermont’s Discovering Basics day care has a crock pot to warm baby bottles and the child could have been accidentally burned by the boiling water when left unattended, said Mike Weaver, Seabolt's lawyer.

Two day care staffers, Eddye Pittmon, 55, and Tara Miller, 40, were arrested on child cruelty charges Friday and Monday, respectively. The two workers allegedly knew about the incident and did not take the child to a doctor. Pittmon allegedly rubbed ointment on Damon’s leg and stomach to treat the burns.

Day care owner Minnie "Sue" Dupree, 66, was arrested Monday for influencing testimony after allegedly telling her employees to lie about the incident and destroy incriminating evidence.

After Seabolt picked up her son, she took him to a local hospital within 30 minutes, where he was treated for minor burns initially. Overnight, his injuries became worse and he was diagnosed with second and third degree burns. Damon was treated with skin grafs.

The Georgia Department of Early Care has shut down the day care and launched an investigation into the incident.

Source: NY Daily News


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