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Three Gay Men Marry Each Other In Thailand

Three gay men recently married each other to become the world's first three-way, same-sex marriage.

Joke, Bell and Art exchanged vows and rings on Valentine's Day at their home in Uthai Thani Province, Thailand, noted the Mirror.

"Some people may not agree and are probably amazed by our decision, but we believe many people do understand and accept our choice. Love is love, after all," said Bell.

While the men are not legally married under Thai law, they did get hitched under Buddhist law.

However, Thailand is planning to amend its constitution to include the term "third gender" to accommodate transgender and gay people.

"We are putting the words 'third gender' in the constitution because Thai society has advanced," Kamnoon Sittisamarn, of the Constitution Drafting Committee, told Reuters.

"There are not only men and women, we need to protect all sexes. We consider all sexes to be equal," added Sittisamarn.

The final measure will have to be approved by the National Council for Peace and Order, Thailand's military rulers.

Sources: Reuters, Mirror
Image Credit: Lokal_Profil


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