Three Florida Women Beat Girl With Belts Over School Suspension


Three Florida women were booked on child abuse charges after they allegedly beat a 14-year-old girl for getting suspended from school. The girl was bleeding and half-naked following the incident.

According to Volusia County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Brandon Haught, the women were at the girl’s school to discuss her suspension with school officials. After the meeting, the women began beating the girl in the school’s parking lot.

"The women slapped the victim, shoved her against cars and choked her by grabbing her necklace," a report by Haught said. "They all then got into vehicles and left the school."

As the group neared the girl’s home, she jumped out of the car and ran away. The women chased the girl down and grabbed the hood of her sweatshirt. They forced her inside the house where they proceeded to hit her again. They stripped most of her clothes off so she would “feel the discipline.”

"They then continuously kicked, punched and beat the victim with belts over her entire body until deputies arrived,” Haught said.

Volusia County Deputies arrived at the house after receiving a disturbance call about the property. The women were holding belts and breathing heavily when the officers entered the home.

The victim was taken to Florida Hospital Fish Memorial, where she was treated for multiple lacerations and bruises. She is now in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

The relationship between the girl and her attackers is not known.

Sources: My News 13, Orlando Sentinel


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