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Three Florida Men Come To Deputy's Aid During Attack (Video)

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Three Florida men are being heralded as Good Samaritans after helping a deputy who was under attack.

Deputy Mike Walsh of Polk County, Florida, said he slammed on his motorcycle breaks on Sunday morning a man who ran a stop sign nearly hit him, WFTV reported (video below). Walsh then reportedly tried to pull the driver, Corey Johnson, over. However, Johnson sped off and was later stopped about a half mile down the road.

According to Walsh, Johnson got out of his car and began punching him in the face and head, eventually knocking him to the ground. Although Johnson then attempted to flee, three men driving by stopped to help Walsh.

One man, George Cooper, helped Walsh off the ground and then chased Johnson. Antonio Velazquez then got out of his car, chased Johnson, and attempted to tackle him. Former law enforcement officer Christopher Carver also stopped to help.

Carver said that he helped Walsh detain Johnson after he saw the two rolling around in the center median of the street.

Walsh broke his thumb during the incident. Investigators noted that wearing a motorcycle helmet helped prevent further injuries.

Johnson was charged with battery of an officer. In the past, he has been charged seven times in Polk County, Florida.

Sources: WFTV, The Gateway Pundit

Photo Credit: WFTV, PCSO


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