Three Family Members Charged In Child Sexual Abuse Case


Three family members in Burlington, Iowa are in jail on various child sex abuse related charges.

It all started when 20-year-old Andrew Keith Wells walked into the police station and told officers that he had molested several children. He also admitted to having hundreds on items of child pornography.

On Monday, officers began an investigation at Wells’ home. Police discovered that 10 home-schooled children were living there, and the parents, Brian Wells, 49, and Janelle Wells, 39, were arrested. Both have been charged because they knew about the sexual abuse but did nothing to stop it.

While District Associate Judge Mark Kruse sought a higher bond for Andrew Wells because he believed the young man was a danger to the community, Wells himself asked for a lower bond.

"I would say if I was released, I would never harm another child in my life," said Wells to Judge Kruse.

Despite the plea, Judge Kruse set the bond at $50,000 per charge, totally $100,000. Mr. and Mrs. Wells each had their bonds set at $40,000 cash.

In addition to finding evidence that Wells had been molesting his siblings, police also discovered evidence of child pornography.

"Detectives located several hundred photos and numerous videos of obvious juvenile males and females, ranging in age from 5 to 15...engaging in explicit sexual acts with other children, as well as adult males," said court records.

Andrew Wells is set to appear in court on March 6, and it has not yet been announced when his parents are scheduled.


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