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Man Claims Someone Caught A Three-Eyed Catfish In A New York City Canal (Video)


A three-eyed catfish may have been found in a New York City area canal (video below).

On Nov. 8, a man fishing on the Hamilton Bridge overlooking the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn reportedly reeled in what appeared to be a black, three-eyed catfish from the canal's murky waters, Fox 5 New York reports.

Greg Hunter, who witnessed the event, took a video of the moment which was first posted on The Gothamist website.

"Bunch of people were crowding this dude fishing near Whole Foods on Gowanus," Hunter wrote on The Gothamist.

He said of the three-eyed catfish: "Some lady was flipping out cause he whacked it dead and she said they were trying to preserve the remaining wildlife there or something. It was a crazy scene. He said he was gonna eat it! Crazy."

Although some online commenters have doubted the veracity of the video, others are not surprised about the discovery of the creature many on social media have now dubbed "Blinky" after the three-eyed fish found near a nuclear power plant on the television show "The Simpsons."

Local residents familiar with the Gowanus said that because of pollution in the canal the discovery of a mutant creature there was only a matter of time. 

 "I'm pretty sure [people living in the area] already know all the chemicals and stuff, everything that goes in there," Destiny Smith, who resides in the Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn, told PIX 11 of the Gowanus.

"I think it could be real because there's always theories about you know this is the Gowanus Canal, so it's possible," she added.

"Three eyes actually surprises me," said Chris McManus, another Brooklyn resident who lives in Park Slope. "I was expecting more like 10 or so."

New York University biology professor Richard Borowsky believes the fish may be a prank.

“It looks like someone stuck a piece of paper on this [fish] to make it look like a third eye,” he told the New York Post.  

The 1.8-mile Gowanus Canal is one of the most polluted waterways in the country, and has been designated a Superfund site by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

On Oct. 17, environmentalist Christopher Swain put on protective gear and swam the length of the canal to help raise public awareness of the waterway's pollution.

Sources: Fox 5 New York, The Gothamist, PIX 11, New York Post / Photo credit: The Gothamist


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