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Three Explosions in Michael Hastings' Car Crash (Video)

The death of journalist Michael Hastings, who died in a mysterious car crash in Los Angeles almost two months ago, continues to generate more questions.

According to San Diego 6 News reporter Kimberly Dvorak, there were three explosions in the accident (video below).

"The first one is most likely a normal explosion, but investigators have told me, through discussions and looking at the video over and over, the second or third explosions aren't indicative of a normal car accident," said Dvorak.

There may have also been a pre-explosion under Hastings car, added Dvorak.

The Los Angeles police department has refused every request and question by the station, except for the 9-1-1 calls moments after the car exploded.

That request was answered only with summaries, not the actual 9-1-1 call transcripts, such as: “Caller reported an accident, the car exploded. Caller was transferred to the Los Angeles City Fire Department.”

Former White House counter-terrorism expert Richard Clarke says Hastings may have been a victim of a cyber car attack, which Forbes magazine reported is possible with today's technology.

Source: San Diego 6 News


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