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Three Drunk Men Allegedly Flooded Trump Tower For Refusing To Serve Them Alcohol

Three men allegedly flooded two elevator shafts at Trump Tower because the bar on the 16th-floor said they were too intoxicated and refused to serve them.

Police say the trio turned on a water valve in the building’s stairwell and causing more than $700,000 in damage.

Daniel T. Maradei was charged with felony criminal damage to property Wednesday. His friends, Carl Koenemann, 25, and Benjamin Nitch, 25, were both arrested earier this week.

The three men ordered drinks after 5 p.m. on Saturday but were refused service, police said. Nitch and Koenemann were caught on surveillance video taking a fire exit staircase where the water valve was later opened.

Prosecutors say water spilled from the valve at a rate of 250 gallons a minute. While the Chicago Fire Department and the Tower was notified that the valve was open, it took 10 minutes to turn it off, according to Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Erin Antonietti.

The damage to the elevators alone is more than $700,000.

Koenemann and Nitch already appeared in court Tuesday and were released on $100,000 bond and electronic home monitoring requirement.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, CBS Chicago


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