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Even 7-Eleven is Going Vegan

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By Heather Moore

I think it's time for me to pay a visit to my best friend in New York City. It's not just that I love seeing her smiling face (or that she's an awesome cook)—it's because I want to go to 7-Eleven.

Yep, 7-Eleven. As if the scores of vegan-friendly restaurants in the Big Apple weren't enough, now eight 7-Eleven locations in NYC are offering vegan optionsincluding artichoke-spinach noodles, vegetable lo mein, and dumplings. Wow!

And you thought that Slurpees were enough of a reason to go to 7-Eleven! It's a sign of the times. One day, when this trend spreads nationwide, people will be discussing where to go for dinner with their friends and everyone will excitedly shout, "7-Eleven!" Who'd have thunk that 10 years ago? Three cheers for 7-Eleven!


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