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78-Year-Old Grandmother With A Gun Foils Home Invasion

Three would-be robbers -- two men and one woman -- were arrested after their attempt at a home invasion was derailed by 78-year-old grandmother. 

Elaine Stiehl was preparing to take a nap at around 3 p.m. Nov. 11 in her Georgia home when she heard a strange noise outside her bedroom door. According to Fox-affiliate KTVU, Stiehl loaded the gun she kept in her room and opened the door to find two men standing in her hallway.

The men were attempting to steal expensive furs and tools from the home. However, when they saw Stiehl standing with a loaded gun, they quickly dropped their loot, fled the residence and hopped in a car manned by a female getaway driver. The three robbers took off without stealing anything. Neighbors were able to give a detailed description of the suspects' vehicle and police pulled over the would-be robbers shortly thereafter.

"I don’t know why they selected that house, but they picked the wrong one," said Colonel James Yarbrough to KTVU. 

All three robbers are currently in custody and have all been charged with burglary. The two men, 32-year-old John Michael O'Neal and 44-year-old Thomas Allen Linder, picked up extra charges of theft and weapons possession by a convicted felon, respectively. The getaway driver, 49-year-old Ann Renee Dearman, caught only one charge. 

A similar story made headlines in May when an 80-year-old great-grandmother shot and killed a home intruder who attacked her husband with a crowbar and stabbed him with a knife.

Washington state resident Barb Moles took out her .38-caliber pistol after finding her 75-year-old husband on the floor covered in blood. According to Fox News, the home invader, 25-year-old Steven Sheppard, was there to steal drugs from the elderly couple. 

Moles, a great-grandmother of three and a grandmother of eight, fired her weapon four times. Three of the shots hit Sheppard. 

Her husband, Leland, was rushed to the hospital and later made a full recovery. Moles, who received the gun as a gift from her husband, said that she wouldn't think twice about using it again if her husband was in danger. 

"You know how mothers are with their kids," she said, according to Fox News. "That’s the way I am with my husband. I just protect his back. I’m not just the typical granny -- in case you haven’t noticed."

Sources: KTVU, Fox News / Photo credit: Coweta County Police Department via KTVU

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