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Thousands of Rapists Remove GPS Device, Don't Fear Jail Due to Overcrowding

A man convicted of sex crimes was arrested after he allegedly molested two sisters, 13 and 15, when he broke into their home.

Rithy Mam was found guilty of child stalking and had a GPS ankle device put on his ankle. Mam removed his GPS ankle monitor in September, shortly before he entered the girls’ home and molested them.

He was arrested at a park and is in custody for felony child molestation charges.

This was after he was arrested three times in two months in 2012 for similar crimes. He was released from jail because of California’s overcrowded prisons.

Mam is just one of the thousands of molesters who disable their GPS trackers and commit more crimes. These rapists are not fearful of jail because they know they will be released due to the overcrowding.

While California has the most crowded jails, it is a nationwide epidemic, as overcrowding in jails is at its highest in eight years.

There are now more than two million Americans in jail. California has 140,000 inmates but only 33 adult prisons, which hold about 80,000.

The Bureau of Prisons Network is 39 percent over “rated capacity,” its highest since 2004. It is expected to increase to 45 percent by 2018.

Before California changed its system, parolees who committed crimes were sent to state prison where they could stay for a year. Now, they are freed within days or hours.

California’s overcrowding was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2011, which resulted in the release or transfer of 30,000 convicted criminals.

Jack Wallace of the California Sex Offender Management Board said “parolees certainly are feeling more bold” as there is not much stopping them.

Though sex offenders are required to wear a GPS device for life, many have found out how to remove them.

Fresno County has had 42 sex offenders break parole in the last 18 months.

There have been proposals put forward that would require parolees to go back to jail for three years if they damaged their GPS bracelets, but because there is no room for them in prison, the bills are unlikely to be passed.



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