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Thousands of Passengers Stranded on Cruise Ship, Fight for Food "Like Savages"

Those on board a powerless cruise ship in Mexico started fighting for food and turned into “savages” waiting for a tugboat to save them.

Conditions on the boat turned ugly once the power went out and the ship was 150 miles from land. The sweltering heat and no air conditioning made thousands sleep on the deck in tents. They also had to go to the bathroom in bags or buckets, as the toilets were not working.

There were more than 3,000 passengers on board the boat off the coast of Mexico. Power went out after a fire started in the engine room. While none of the 3,150 passengers or 1,100 crew were injured, they were left on the boat for an entire day before being rescued.

The ship, called Carnival Triumph, owned by Carnival Cruise Lines, is now being taken to Progreso, Mexico.

While the chaos erupted, family members of passengers became worried as they received frantic calls from loved ones.

Brent Nutt, husband of passenger Bethany, said she called him in tears talking about fights that broke out over a limited food supply.

She said it would be the last phone call to him, as there was no way to charge her phone.

“To hear your loved one crying saying she just wants off of the ship and it all to end...All of the girls in their group were calling their family members as well and they were crying. Everybody wants off of this,” he said.

“It’s a big mess, there’s no power, there’s no toilets, there’s no food - it’s like a bunch of savages on there.”

When he was asked if his wife was being helped, he said, “The only help they’ve got is that they told them they needed to stay on the decks or in common areas.”

One member of a cruise blog, Clinty76, explained his wife was in a similar situation.

He said his wife told them that they were “about to get supplies from another cruise ship and apparently the tug boats should be here tomorrow around noon.”

“We have no power at all, which means we can’t use the toilets, wash our hands, or take a shower,” she said.

While the power outage was a hassle, the fire which broke out in the engine room was quickly contained on Sunday morning thanks to an automatic fire extinguishing system.



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