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Thousands Of Crows Invade Washington Town (Video)

A small town in Washington state is being overrun by thousands of crows, bearing a striking resemblance to the movie “The Birds” and baffling those who are trying to keep them away.

According to reports, Sunnyside, Washington has recently become a landing place for nearly 10,000 crows that assemble there every night. The nightly occurrence has residents and city officials scrambling to figure out a way to stop the birds from taking over the town. Local merchants and homeowners have tried putting fake owls on their rooftops and in trees, attempted to tall trees, and reportedly even played recordings of hawks screaming.

Despite their best efforts, residents and business owners have been unsuccessful in their attempts to thwart the crows. Now, local police are resorting to using pyrotechnics, or “bird bombs” as they call them, to scare off the crows. Still, the bird bombs don’t seem to be helping.

“Basically, it’s a firework inside a pistol shell,” explained Sunnyside Police Commander Scott Bailey. “We’re simply trying to scare them off. We’re dealing with up to 10,000 crows every day.”

Police say they aren’t trying to kill the crows, but are instead using the bombs to scare the birds away.

“They create a mess,” said Officer Samuel Ramos. “Obviously, it's a problem for the community. It's more humane to push them away than to obviously kill them.”

Experts say that pushing the crows out of Sunnyside to eventually settle in another area will work, but persistence and effort will be required.

Sources:Daily Mail, King 5 News, ABC News / Photo Source: Daily Mail, King 5


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