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Thousands of Colorado Students Refuse to Take Test (Video)

Of the 877 seniors at Cherry Creek High School in Aurora, Colorado, only 24 took the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) test last Thursday.

“We’ve been taking standardized testing since we were in sixth grade, so since we were 12,” Cherry Creek senior Josh Boxer told CBS Denver (video below). “And I think there’s way too much of it. I’m tired of it ... They’re useless. They’re pointless.”

“We were expecting it,” said Cherry Creek School District communications director Tustin Amole. “We have seen growing parent concern about the number of tests that are given to students each year.”

"Parents of high-achieving children feel like they have less to lose," added Amole. "They know their kids are going to do well regardless of whether they take the test."

According to the Denver Post, thousands of high school seniors refused to take the test last week.

One of the reasons the seniors oppose the CMAS test is because the results won’t be back until next fall, and the students don't think the test relates to their high school curriculum.

If less than 95 percent of the students take the test, then school districts are at serious risk for losing a level of accreditation, but parents and students don't seem to care.

“We did everything we’ve been asked to do, and if we lose accreditation because parents and students have spoken out, then I think there’s something wrong with that system,” stated Amole.

About 1,900 students did not take the test in the Douglas County School District, more than 1,500 high school seniors refused testing in the Boulder Valley School District and nearly 1,500 students didn't show up for the exam in the Cherry Creek School District, reported the Denver Post.

Sources: CBS Denver, Denver Post


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