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Thousands Call NV Gov. Brian Sandoval to Request Veto of Gun Control Bill

The office of Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has been flooded with so many calls requesting the veto of a gun control bill that the office had to set up an automated call system.

Sandoval already said he would veto the bill, but that hasn’t stopped 2,200 people from calling his office on Wednesday between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The office estimates that about 80 percent of the callers have requested that Sandoval veto the bill.

Though, that number might be skewed. A reporter for Review-Journal called the automated system several times, voting in favor of the bill twice and against the bill twice. There is no system to verify the identity of callers. It is entirely possible that the 2,200 votes represent a handful of extremely persistent gun rights activists.

What piece of legislation has gotten Nevada gun owners so fired up? SB221 that would require all firearm purchasers to pay $30 to conduct a background check.

Gun rights advocates argue that requiring background checks would slow down gun purchases for law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to stop criminals from getting their hands on firearms.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped legislators from passing other laws. Thieves ignore laws about theft and murderers ignore laws about murder, but both actions are still criminal.

Sandoval has 10 days to veto the bill after the legislative session ends, and it is very likely that he will sit on his hands until then. If Sandoval vetoes the bill after the legislative session ends, the Legislature won’t be able to overturn his veto until 2015.

Universal background checks are not anything new. Seven other states, such as Colorado and Connecticut, have already passed laws enforcing background checks on all gun purchases.

It appears that for now, at least, Nevada will not be joining them.

Source: Review Journal


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