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This Week is White Ribbon Against Pornography Week

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According to Bob Peters of Morality in Media, our nation is facing a
moral crisis, including, among other things, teen promiscuity, sexually
transmitted diseases (including AIDS), abortion, illegitimacy, divorce,
sexual abuse of children, rape, trafficking in women and children,
on-the-job sexual harassment and lost worker productivity. And what is
fueling this crisis is the spread of hardcore pornography, on the
Internet and elsewhere.

That’s why one week every October we observe White Ribbon Against
Pornography week, where people display white ribbons and inform their
public officials about the harms of pornography and the need to enforce
our obscenity laws.

The 22nd annual WRAP week runs Sunday, October 25 through Sunday, November 1st, and its chief promoter is Morality in Media. (Resources for individuals and groups can be found at
under “WRAP Campaign” and include information about ordering white
ribbons, sample letters to Attorney General Holder and state
prosecutors, and sample prayers and sermons.

If you think about it, someone is going to define the
culture. The Porn Industry and their friends at the ACLU seek an
America where there are no legal limits on pornography – no limit to
how graphic it may be, no limit to the people it can exploit for
profit, including children.

And they’re winning, not because what they’re doing is legal, but
because they’re getting away with it. But the Supreme Court has ruled
that obscenity laws can be enforced against “hardcore pornography” when
a jury finds the material appeals to the prurient interest, is patently
offensive, and lacks serious value.

So it doesn’t matter what the Porn Industry or the ACLU thinks. All that matters is what a jury thinks, and that means ultimately it’s up to the American people to decide what’s illegal or not.

But the people become disenfranchised when obscenity laws are not vigorously enforced.

Our voice is the jury verdict. Without obscenity
prosecutions there are no juries, and no juries mean no verdicts, and
no verdicts mean the people have no voice. And that leaves the Porn
Industry to set the standards for the culture.

An important way to attack the moral crisis is so simple it’s deceptive: enforcement of our already-existing obscenity laws.

We call on President Obama and Attorney General Holder give us back
our voice, and to vigorously enforce this nation’s obscenity laws.


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