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Best Booze-Based Crime Idea Ever?

A man who is basically homeless came up with the best idea ever. Unfortunately it was a crime.

Last week, Travis Kevie broke into a bar that had recently been closed. He reopened the bar and began serving drinks to customers and making money. The bar stayed open for about four days. At that point, a detective read an article in the local newspaper about how this club had reopened and who the new owner of the club was.

Well, the detective knew that the club had lost their liquor license and also knew the owner from frequent run ins with the law.

The next thing you know, Travis is in jail and the bar closed again. The bar was serving about 30 customers a day and the inventory started with Travis buying a six pack of beer and selling each beer individually.

He used that money to buy more liquor and just kept it going. I could definitely see this being the foundation for a movie.


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