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Third Grader Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Boy At California School

California authorities are investigating allegations that a third grade boy repeatedly sexually assaulted another boy at their Riverside school.

An incident was reported March 17 at Adams Elementary School in Riverside. Students at an afterschool program told a staff member “they wanted to report something they knew.”

Over the last year, the victim was sexually assaulted five to seven times in the school bathroom and sometimes while videos were shown in class.

Teachers may have been present during some of the incidents without being aware of what was happening, KNBC reported.

"One of the young boys apparently was coercing another young boy to perform sexual acts," said Jacquie Paul, spokeswoman for the Riverside Unified School District.

The assaults began when the students were still in second grade.

Teachers were reportedly “extremely distraught” to learn of the abuse.

Child Protective Services officials and local police are investigating.

The accused student was suspended and may eventually be expelled.

District officials sent a letter to parents over the matter and a meeting is scheduled at the school at 7 p.m. Thursday to address their concerns.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, KNBC


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